Urban Table's Traci Zitzer and Russell Johnson: Caramelpalooza Candymakers 2013

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Katie Johnson
As the chefs competing in Smeeks and Chow Bella's fourth annual Caramelpalooza -- coming 7 p.m. Friday, April 5, at UNION -- get out the candy thermometers, we've got our pens ready to introduce you to the faces behind the caramel.

Traci Zitzer and Russell "RJ" Johnson are one dynamic duo. After forming a friendship early on in middle school and going on to serve 30-plus years in the restaurant industry, the two business partners decided form Urban Table: A Working Chef's Market.

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Starting their way at farmers markets and ultimately setting up Urban Table Larder inside Scottsdale's JAM Boutique, Zitzer and Johnson pride themselves on knowing both their products and their people.

"When we first started this business we decided to make two things very clear -- we had to laugh, because we're on the second half of our lives," says Zitzer. " [And secondly,] we decided if we were going to make this commitment, we would have to work with people who would want to learn, people who we would want to break bread with."

And true to form, in just a little over a year of starting their business, Zitzer and Johnson have broken bread with much of the growing foodie community in Phoenix -- tasting, sampling, and selling both their own products and the specialty goods of their vendors. Which is why, despite this being their first Caramelpalooza, Zitzer and Johnson are sure to be two of the more familiar faces there.

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Katie Johnson
Urban Table Larder at JAM Boutique
Caramel should always be...
Traci: handmade
RJ: local

One thing I miss from Chicago is...
Traci: identity of the city
RJ: Lou Malnati's Pizza

I wish ___ were always in season:
Traci: Tomatoes
RJ: Meyer Lemons

I don't allow ___ in my kitchen:
Traci: processed foods or foods made from GMOs
RJ: crying

I like my eggs...
Traci: local farm fresh
RJ: every way possible

When I turn on Food Network, I'm watching...
Traci: Barefoot Contessa
RJ: Chopped

One thing we'd be surprised to know about you is...
Traci: I jumped out of a perfectly good plane on purpose
RJ: I have two sets of twins

____ is the spice of life:
Traci: Diversity
RJ: Conversation

Biggest cooking faux pas:
Traci: Quantity does not equal quality
RJ: Not letting meat rest

Favorite condiment:
Traci: Chutneys
RJ: Sriracha

One thing that's always on my grocery list:
Traci: Mimolette Cheese
RJ: Serrano peppers

If I could eat my way through one country it would be...
Traci: Italy
RJ: Mexico

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Judging by the lack of child support payments we've received & the infrequency of his paternal visits, it seems that most of the time he doesn't know that he has two sets of twins either. 

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