3 Springtime Pizza Recipes

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Spring Pizza - Lamb and Fresh Beans.jpg
Andy Broder
Spring Pizza with Lamb, Green Beans, and Feta

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It's spring and that means pizza. Okay, maybe pizza isn't exactly what comes to mind when you think about Easter and Arbor Day, but pizza is my personal not-so-secret favorite comfort food. It's what I eat when nobody's looking or when I'm cooking just for myself. Since it's spring the things that end up on my pizza are lighter and fresher than the pepperoni, anchovies, and tomato sauces of winter.

My goal last Sunday was to make three seasonal pizzas; one for meat lovers, one that was vegetarian, and one to push boundaries.

Spring Pizza - Lamb Pizza Ingredients.jpg
Andy Broder
Lamb Pizza -- Ingredients
When I found out that Whole Foods didn't have any lamb sausage on hand, I decided to get the ground lamb and season it myself. I used a fork to work chopped fresh sage and dill, shallots, garlic, a few drops of lemon juice, salt and pepper into my lamb. Then I made little one-inch patties, which were small enough to cook through by the time the crust browned. I added slivers of fresh green beans, a little shaved onion, and feta cheese to complete the pizza. All the ingredients for a traditional springtime dinner came out of the oven browned and bubbled together. I will absolutely be making this pizza again.

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