Jacques Qualin of J&G Steakhouse on Lori Hashimoto, Anthony Bourdain, and the Difference Between French and American Cooks

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Jacques Qualin with signature seafood at J&G
This is part two of my interview with Jacques Qualin, chef de cuisine at J&G Steakhouse at The Phoenician Resort. If you missed part one, where Qualin talked about head cheese, being an apprentice, and working for Daniel Boulud, read it here.

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Something always found in your kitchen: Fresh herbs.

Something never found in your kitchen: Okra.

Seared scallops, mixed spring peas, smoked butter, and lime syrup
Something always found in your fridge: Fresh ginger, beer, and nice white wine.

Trend you like: Eating healthy.

Trend or buzzword you wish would go away: Molecular gastronomy.

What's your guilty pleasure?: Homemade chocolate.

Do you eat like an American now or like a Frenchman?: Being here for almost 20 years, you have to adapt.

Typical breakfast for you: Orange juice followed by a freshly juiced vegetable (preferably organic from the farmers market).

What do you miss most about France (food or restaurant-related)?: Some of the food, like cheese and cured meat.

What are the characteristics a good chef must have?: Being fair and being very focused on what's going out of his/her kitchen.

Explain one difference in style between Boulud and Vongerichten: Two different styles: Boulud has a traditional French Lyonnaise cooking background, which reflects in all his food; Jean-Georges has his solid French base but is experienced in the Asian influences and kept the best of it.

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