Green Offers Discounted Meals for Every Meat-Eater You Bring Along

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Heather Hoch
Just think of it as a healthy McRib. It's the same amount of actual meat in both dishes anyway.
Hey, you vegetarians and vegans. Round up your carnivorous companions and drag them over to Green on Wednesday, March 20. For every flesh-muncher you bring in to eat a vegan meal for Green's "Carnivore Caravan," the restaurant will give you $1 off your own meal. If you temporarily convert six of your friends, you'll eat free. The deal doesn't really help the carnivores you bring at all, but your animal-friendly eating habits justify the lack of altruism.

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You don't have to tell them why you're bringing them, just cash in at the register. If you can't persuade a meat-eater to chow down some mock meat with a side of fries, you won't earn your $1 off. (Although we do know some particularly resistant carnivores who, we think, should count as double because of the effort involved in convincing them to drop the steak knife for one meal.) The "Carnivore Caravan" event takes place all day on March 20 at both the Phoenix and Tempe locations.

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