Manischewitz Sells Gluten-Free Matzo

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Just because you need to eat gluten-free, doesn't mean you have to skip Passover at your Bubbe's.

Manischewitz, the world's largest matzo manufacturer, has a new line of gluten-free products just in time for the holiday.

Manischewitz was founded by Rabbi Dov Behr Manischewitz in 1888 in a small Cincinnati, Ohio, bakery, and moved to New Jersey in 1932. It earned fame for its matzo and kosher wine, but it's not your Zayde's rabbi's company anymore.

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Now it has gluten-free Matzo-Style Squares and Crackers, gluten-free Almond Butter Spread, gluten-free Magic Max Chocolate Chip Cookie Cereal and, for the sweetest end to the meal, frozen macaroon dough. All the macaroons are gluten-free, including the newest flavor, red velvet. And there are Flaxseed Crunch Bars in two flavors, almond cranberry and cashew cranberry.

The products are part of the company's line of healthy options that are all-natural, high-fiber, low-sodium, and free of MSG and sulfites. You can buy them online or in select Arizona outlets. (Chow Bella is hoping for a call back soon from Manischewitz as to just where you can buy these goods around here.)

So celebrate. Now, while you commemorate the liberation from slavery, you can be free of gluten, too.


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Fry's usually has a really nice selection of Passover supplies, especially the Fry's Marketplaces, but can't speak to the glutten free stuff. 


@JohnQ.Public Thanks, John. I was very pleasantly surprised by the nice selection of gluten-free products at my neighborhood Fry's recently. (Although I haven't checked there for Passover) Fry's had some items that have disappeared from the shelves at the health food stores where I usually shop for gluten-free items. Thanks, Fry's.


@azjnichols If you shop there and find what you're looking for make sure to seek out a manager and let them know.  I have done that a couple times in the last several years after seeing their Passover display and they are very appreciative when you let them know that their doing a nice job of meeting their customers needs.

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