Virginia Pizza Shop Offers 2nd Amendment Discount

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Thanks to the liberal open-carry laws in Virginia Beach, Virginia, either of these fine rifles will score you a 15 percent discount on pizza.

Good news, gun owners (in Virginia): There's a pizza shop in Virginia Beach willing to offer you a 15 percent discount if you're packing heat. Jay Laze, owner of All Around Pizza and Deli, said he decided to start offering the deal after he saw a frozen yogurt shop in Utah offer a similar deal.

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Gun owners will receive a discount either by showing a copy of their conceal carry permit or by simply showing up with a gun. Apparently, the deal is sweet enough that a camouflaged and shotgun-packing elderly woman swung by to take advantage of it.

The most shocking part of this story is that it happened in a state other than Arizona. We are, after all, one of the few states with an official state gun.

Offering discounts for gun owners actually might be a welcome change in Arizona because it seems like the only thing business owners here are interested in is punishing people who disagree with them. We're reminded of the gun shop in the tiny hamlet of Pinetop that is refusing to sell to any Obama voters. Granted, that owner admitted he was going to use a "don't ask, don't tell" policy so it's anyone's guess how successful that's been.

So how have these pro-Second Amendment discounts been working out? Pretty well, actually. The yogurt shop in Utah originally planned to run the promotion for only a week but extended it due to the overwhelmingly positive response. As for the pizza discount, Laze has said that about 80 percent of his business has been from open- and conceal-carry proponents and that he might very well make the discount a permanent fixture at his business.

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