Vegan Strip Club (NSFW Obviously)

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Screen Cap: Kumail Tours Portland
"Moxie" demonstrates sexy vegan nacho eating.

Portlandia has been running a promotional series called "Kumail Tours Portlandia" which tends to reveal that the exaggeration depicted in Portlandia is not all that much of an exaggeration. Case in point: the vegan strip club.

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More to the point, a successful vegan strip club that marries a love of animal rights to a love of naked women. If you've ever wanted to concisely explain the difference between Portland and Phoenix, here it is. Phoenix killed a vegan taco shop/club in a matter of months. Portland is about to have not one, but two vegan strip clubs.

This is possibly one of the most bizarre strip clubs we have ever seen. Is that... natural lighting? Where is the perpetual haze of smoke? Why is the owner talking about educating the dancers about a compassionate vegan lifestyle?

Oh right, because it's Portland.

The strip club in question is an actual place, Casa Diablo. We have to admit, their menu actually doesn't sound half bad at all. Cabbage egg rolls and chips and hummus? That sounds a great deal more agreeable than your average strip club's questionable hamburger and we have difficulty imagining that vegan "cheez" could be any less fake than the "cheese" normally served on nachos.

We're slightly shocked that a dressing room/kitchen is up to Portland health codes. We shouldn't be, but we are.

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