Phoenix Resident Who Submitted Chicken & Waffles as New Lay's Potato Chip Flavor Now Poised to Win One Million Bucks

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So the pope quit, President Obama said something last night, and the latest travel craze involves pooping into bags on a cruise ship. Now that the small stuff's taken care of, we can get onto what the world's really talking about: The three finalists in the Lay's potato chips "Do Us A Flavor" contest.

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After three months and 3.8 million suggestions, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Chicken & Waffles, and Sriracha are the three candidates vying to be the next Lay's potato chip flavor.

And, hello, local love: The Chicken & Waffles flavor was submitted by Christina Abu-Judom, a volunteer coordinator at a Phoenix nonprofit who is poised to win $1 million in cash money (or 1 percent of the chip's 2013 sales, if they exceed that amount) if her flavor is chosen.

Now where can we get a taste?

All three flavors will be available in stores next week. Abu-Judom's Chicken & Waffles flavor is up against some stiff competition from the Midwest: Cheesy Garlic Bread from Karen Weber-Mendham of Land O'Lakes, Wisconsin, and Sriracha from Tyler Raineri from Lake Zurich, Illinois.

Business Insider had a chance to taste all three flavors and this is what they had to say:

Cheesy Garlic Bread: "If you like cheesy bread, you'll like the flavor in the chips, but maybe not the texture (it doesn't come close to replicating the experience of a eating a piece of a loaf).

Sriracha: "If you like the taste of sriracha, you'll enjoy the spice in those."

Chicken & Waffles: "You immediately get the maple syrup flavor right up front as you crunch into the chip, and it stays with you all the way through. It's quite lacking in chicken flavor, though. You're waiting for the chicken, but it just doesn't quite hit, and you're left wanting more. By the time the chip has turned to mush in your mouth, you're left with that traditional chip flavor, but a waffly taste still lingers. Minutes later, the sweetness remains. It needs to be washed away if you don't like the after-taste."

Uh-oh. Oh, well, even if Abu-Judom's Chicken & Waffles flavor isn't selected, as a finalist, she still makes out with $50,000 in prize money.

From now until May 4, you can vote for your favorite flavor on the Lay's Facebook Page, via Twitter using the hashtag #SaveChickenWaffles, #SaveGarlicBread or #SaveSriracha, or via text message by texting "VOTE" to 24477 (CHIPS). The winning flavor will be revealed in May and will remain on store shelves following the completion of the contest.

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Who the hell cares? Some fat person will only sue the company because they gained weight because they " ate the chips". They ALL sound pretty gross to me...and btw...I DIDN'T go to this site on was a pop-up...with adults responding stupid little immature words like "poop". OMG please!!! Do something useful with our time.


The crazy thing is I also submitted the Chicken and Waffle flavor, how do they determine who the actual winner is...


I've had the Sriracha and Chicken & Waffles so far.  The Sriracha ones are good, but I liked the Chicken & Waffles better.  It's true, there really isn't a chicken flavor, but the syrup flavor was actually pretty tasty.

Kenneth Taylor
Kenneth Taylor

hmmm how can i sum this up....ok here we go... ready....set.....and FAIL!

Jason Wilbur
Jason Wilbur

love the chicken and waffles idea.....especially since it was my friend's!

Ricky Hollywood
Ricky Hollywood

Any mention how far my caviar flavored potato chips idea went ?

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