Gilbert Farmer's Market: What We Bought, What We Skipped and What We're Still Lusting Over

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What We Skipped:
Heather Hoch
No fancy juice or guilt-free meat for us this week.
We adore Juice Core's cold-pressed, organic juices in general and can't wait to try their 3-day cleanse, but we decided to buy $12 worth of veggies at the different produce stands and see how much of our own juice blends we can squeeze instead of getting a single bottle for that price. Granted, theirs tasted better than our kale-ginger-carrot-blood orange-etc. concoction, but we made at least three times as much and it was our first foray into juicing--practice makes perfect!!

We also passed up the Double Check Ranch stand. Although some of our favorite restaurants, like Pane Bianco, use DCR's delicious, guilt-free (as much as it can be) meats we couldn't justify dropping $40 on a few pieces of lamb that wasn't ready to eat already.

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Gilbert Farmer's Market

222 N. Ash Drive, Gilbert, AZ

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