6 Don't-Miss Events During AZ Cocktail Week: Feb 16-22

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Seminar -- The House of Punch, Feb. 18, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Sands Building, Hotel Valley Ho, $25

When local celeb-mixologist Jason Asher was working at Mabel's on Main a few summers ago, I fell in love with punch. Every Sunday night, he invited fellow mixologists and friends to help him create a four-drink menu with punch at the top of the list. I drank and loved nearly every single one. They're refreshing and easy-drinking (believe me, Asher etal never sacrificed complexity), so I'm eager to learn more about them -- especially from Brit-expat Charlotte Voisey, who probably has punch (an English invention) running through her veins. She'll be joined by Marcos Tello of Varnish in LA, who will help her discuss punch's history as well as provide tips for making punches at home. This seminar sounds practical and deliciously fun.

Seminar -- Discovering Le Cognac: Feb. 18, 1-2:30 p.m., Sands Building, Hotel Valley Ho, $25

If you think Cognac is something whiskered septuagenarians sip from their arm chairs, think again. Cognac is back, and what better way to learn about it than in a seminar conducted by beverage giants Steve Olson (wine somm for Chris Gross back in the day) and Andy Seymour? The two will discuss Cognac's illustrious history, differences between styles and classifications, oak aging and terroir. Participants will sample classic Cognac cocktails as well as modern interpretations that prove why this elegant spirit has become popular again. If you're a wine and/or whiskey lover, this is the seminar for you, given that Cognac is distilled wine that's blended and aged like fine whiskey.

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Hotel Valley Ho

6850 E. Main St., Scottsdale, AZ

Category: General

Citizen Public House

7111 E. 5th Ave. Ste. E., Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails

2 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

Lon's at the Hermosa

5532 N. Palo Cristi Road, Paradise Valley, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Danielle Rose Trunzo
Danielle Rose Trunzo

Or, you know... You could just give some tickets with full admission away...to me... Just an idea =)

Jeffrey David
Jeffrey David

I wish Cocktail week wasn't the same week as beer week.

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