Feast on the Street: Clare Patey and Matthew Moore Bring a Celebration of Local Food to Roosevelt Row in Phoenix on April 13

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The Feast table in London extends approximately a half-mile from one end of the bridge to the other, spanning the River Thames. Photo: Barry Lewis
For the past five years, Clare Patey has managed to shut down a bridge in London and invite thousands to come together to celebrate local food.

The internationally recognized artist and curator has made a name for herself creating what she calls social spaces in the public realm and opportunities for people to connect with the food they eat.

When Patey came to Phoenix a year ago to talk about the future of museums at ASU Art Museum, she was introduced to artist and farming activist Matthew Moore of Urban Plough. The two hit it off, began talking about food, and made some huge plans for 2013, including Feast on the Street.

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Clare Patey/Courtesy of ASU Art Museum
On Saturday, April 13, the two artists, with the help of ASU Art Museum and Roosevelt Row, will take over First Street between Moreland and Taylor streets to create a community celebration of locally grown, prepared, and sourced foods in Phoenix.

The celebration is inspired by Patey's annual event in London and discussions she and Moore had while creating an exhibition for ASU Art Museum, titled "CU29: Mining For You," which will be on view at the museum through May 11.

The two come from very different communities, but similar experiences. Moore grew up on a fourth-generation farm in Surprise that soon will be "transformed into suburbia." His documentation of the transformation and exploration of how we connect with our food has been featured at Phoenix Art Museum and at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. Patey launched the Feast in London with a goal of connecting local students to artists, gardeners, and chefs. Together, they took over a plot of land in the city and created a vegetable garden through food and art education. Both recognize the importance of the land we harvest and the value of sustainable food that needs to be shared with communities around the world.

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Roosevelt Row CDC

922 N. Fifth St., Phoenix, AZ

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Julie Schultz Balder

Kiki's Cupcake Service will be providing Vegan, Gluten Free and good ol' regular cupcakes for this event!

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