Five Easy Dishes Made with Egg Roll Wrappers

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egg roll wrappers - mini bean tostadas ready to cook.jpg
Andy Broder
Mini Bean Tostadas Ready to Cook

4 & 5. If your party is a fiesta you can make wafer-thin bean tostadas or for dessert mini chocolate chimichangas which, when hot from the pan and sprinkled with powdered sugar are addictive.

Of course, you can also make egg rolls.

Andy Broder is the chef/owner of AndyFood, A Culinary Studio.

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Yum! Those mini lasagne look amazing!


Rustic Italian more than 180 times? How 'bout some equal time for the Greeks?

Gotta say, your recipes are easy and fun, especially given my culinary skill sets!

SandyAZ 1 Like

Quartered eggroll wrappers (or wonton wrappers) make great ravioli....much faster and easier than making and rolling pasta dough.

andy425 1 Like

@SandyAZ  - in fact you can use egg roll and wonton wrappers for any stuffed or layered pasta recipe.  I like making lasagna with layer after layer of stuff...

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