Five Easy Dishes Made with Egg Roll Wrappers

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Andy Broder
Wafer-Thin Pizza on an Egg Roll Wrapper

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I like to say that the Chinese and the Italians have an ongoing feud. Did Marco Polo bring pasta to the Chinese, or did he bring it back from China to Italy? Ever since a 4000 year-old bowl of noodles was discovered in a Chinese tomb it seems that China has the better claim. On one level an egg roll wrapper is flour and water, and maybe a little egg, depending on the manufacturer. On another level it's a noodle. It's also a mini pizza crust, the bottom of an hors d'oeuvre tostada, or a chimichanga wrapper. I can't read Chinese, so it's possible the characters on the front of the package actually say, "There's a party in here."

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Andy Broder
Mini Lasagnas Made with Egg Roll Wrappers

1. According to my web guy I've taught my Rustic Italian class more than 180 times since mid-2009. At an average of 20 mini lasagnas per class that comes to more than 3600 ramekins lined with an egg roll wrapper, filled with meat and cheese and sauce, and baked to a bubbly brown.

I've seen my mini lasagnas made by some pretty good cooks, I've seen them made by 12-year-olds, and I've seen them made by people who have good reason to be afraid of their own cooking. Based on my observations I'm comfortable saying that anyone who is genuinely motivated to succeed can make lasagna (and more) with egg roll wrappers.

2. If you make cannelloni you can use egg roll wrappers instead of the dry pasta tubes that need to be boiled, and inevitably crack when you try to fill them. Since the egg roll wrappers are fresh and soft they don't need to be boiled. Just be sure that the filling and sauce are extra wet, because the wrapper-cum-noodle absorbs the moisture.

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Yum! Those mini lasagne look amazing!


Rustic Italian more than 180 times? How 'bout some equal time for the Greeks?

Gotta say, your recipes are easy and fun, especially given my culinary skill sets!


Quartered eggroll wrappers (or wonton wrappers) make great ravioli....much faster and easier than making and rolling pasta dough.


@SandyAZ  - in fact you can use egg roll and wonton wrappers for any stuffed or layered pasta recipe.  I like making lasagna with layer after layer of stuff...

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