Eight Ways to Use Blood Oranges

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Andy Broder
Meyer Lemons, Blood Oranges, and Navel Oranges

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My favorite way to make food look good isn't with a garnish. I like to bring eye appeal to food with the ingredients in the recipe. Hands-down, blood oranges are the coolest-looking item in the produce aisle. The flesh of blood oranges ranges in color from orange with a pink blush to mottled red and to deep burgundy. Blood oranges often have an intense orange taste, and can have some berry-like flavors as well. Nothing perks up the way your food looks more than a slice or dice of blood orange.

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Andy Broder
Blood Orange Martini
A simple slice of blood orange is the easiest way to add eye-appeal to almost anything. I like to peel the orange and then cut it into thin slices for blood orange martinis. For a bit more orange flavor, you can muddle the slice in the glass before adding the vodka or gin.

blood orange and pear salad.jpg
Andy Broder
Blood Orange, Plain Orange, and Pear Salad with Cracked Pepper
The red in blood oranges comes from anthocyanins, which means that they're rich in antioxidants. I've been making a conscious effort to use fruit as part of a meal, and not just for snacks or dessert. Blood and regular oranges with sliced pears and a little freshly ground black pepper combine to make an incredibly simple side dish. Minus the pepper, with some Greek yogurt, it's good for breakfast.

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Thanks for the great ideas to help me take advantage of blood orange season (which ends in March).  

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