(Huh?) Jose Garces' Old Town Whiskey in Scottsdale Shutters to Become Hotel Event Space

Old Town Whiskey
Bourbon and bar bites for bridal and baby showers? (Sigh.) It's true.

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Old Town Whiskey, celebrity chef Jose Garces' upscale saloon inside The Saguaro hotel in Old Town Scottsdale, has shuttered to be used as event space for the hotel.

What? No. Why?

The decision is a curious one given that Old Town Whiskey, which opened in November 2011, was the hotel's only lounge (and a cozy one at that) offering a unique selection of more than 100 varieties of whiskey in addition to some decent bar bites.

Spokeswoman Lisa Nicita says though she doesn't know the financial status of Old Town Whiskey, it was the hotel that ultimately made the decision to shutter the tavern so that the space could be used for events. (Garces' other whiskey-themed tavern in Philadelphia, Village Whiskey, remains open.)

So where do guests and visitors of The Saguaro now go to kick back with an adult beverage? It seems the answer is Distrito. But with its big, open room, brightly colored interior, and seating choices of tables or a less-than-lounge-worthy bar, the experience will hardly be the same. Plus, you'd better like tequila.

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Colleen Chase
Colleen Chase

Nope. Could've been good, but the management when I visited was terrible. And I agree with Steve, strange (& unwarranted) pretension.



It might be a good idea to check out Distrito.  They did a spring remodel on the entire bar and dining room.  Its not bright and open anymore....much more lounge worthy now! 

Steve Weiss
Steve Weiss

Not really. I wanted to like it. It was expensive, the weird snack in a jar thing was not my thing, there was a pretension that just didn't sit well with me. You guys made the right choice by working with the bartender JK from Shady's Fine Ales and Cocktails. Class without pretension.

Steve Weiss
Steve Weiss

I like whiskey, went there once. I wasn't impressed and I really wanted to like it. Maybe too much sunlight for a whiskey bar.

Barb Walters Harris
Barb Walters Harris

What?!?!?! What were they thinking? It was such a great little space for hangouts, good drinks and some great little snacks. Dumb decision.

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