Is it Rude to Take Photos of Your Food in a Restaurant?

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Chef Christopher Nicosia,

I don't mind it at all. Social media is a powerful marketing tool. It's a great way to get some free advertising. A beautiful dish is presented in front of someone and they take a picture and post it with a caption like, "Wow, look what was just placed in front of me!" Hopefully, it inspires others to come in and give the restaurant a try. I guess that it can work the other
way, too. Nobody wants their caption to read, "They expect me to eat this?"

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Zach Bredemann
Corporate Chef, Kona Grill

I have absolutely no issue with it; I'm guilty of doing it all the time! When I look out in our dining room and see a guest taking a photo of our food, it makes me feel good. They obviously like something they see and want to share it with the world.

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Romeo Taus
Owner and Chef, Romeo's Euro Cafe

Most of these people are excited about the food they have ordered and they want to share their new-found "best thing I ever ate" with their social media BFFs. If the right lighting is used and a camera with best resolution, I say go at it!

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Chef Joe Meyers,
s.e.e.d. café at the Madison Improvement Club

People photograph your food because they like the way it tastes or they think it looks beautiful. I take it as a compliment. They did pay for it after all, so I suppose they technically own what's on their plate.

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Lois Broder
Lois Broder

no it should be a complement to chef


I'd actually love for people to take more photos of the actual restaurants. Whenever I look at Yelp photos, there are a lot of food pictures but I can't always get a good idea of what the space is like.


The question of rudeness is moot.  It's self absorbed, irrelevant and uninteresting.  Just dont.

Alicia Geier
Alicia Geier

A simple one shot no problem, but beyond that its silly.


I was dining once next to a table where a diner spent a good 10 minutes trying to capture the perfect, flash-lit photo of his dinner and then, once he was done and actually tried the food, complained to the waiter that his meal was cold.  That said, most chefs take pride in their plating and presentation and that deserves to be shown off - I've taken my share of pictures of super yummy dishes - especially deserts and while on vacation.


If I didn't take pictures of my food, what would I share on Instagram?

Jonathan Carroll
Jonathan Carroll

Yes. It's food. I agree with Joe's comments. Also, the business is getting FREE publicity.

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