What's Your Least Favorite Holiday to Work?

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Dave Andrea
Owner, Brat Haüs

It used to be Valentine's Day. Lots of two-tops and missed sales because you couldn't seat the other two chairs at a four-top. With all the community seating at Brat Haüs, bring it on!

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Chef Stephen Toevs
The Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix

My absolute least favorite holiday to work is the Fourth of July. Growing up in Bristol, Rhode Island, where they have the oldest continuous Fourth of July parade in the U.S., this holiday is my very favorite. The entire town would literally shut down on the Fourth! I have only worked on the Fourth of July once in my career and desperately missed the celebrations.

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Heather Bryan
General Manager, Zuzu

Of course, it would have to be Christmas. I personally don't mind working that holiday; it's just so hard to see your staff not being where they want to be.

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