What's Your Least Favorite Holiday to Work?

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When you're in the food business, holidays can mean big money. What's the worst one to work? I asked a few Valley chefs and restaurateurs and this is what they had to say:

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Romeo Taus
Chef and Owner, Romeo's Euro Cafe

Valentine's Day! Guests have unrealistic, heightened expectations. The crew of any restaurant (if you can get them to show up) are expected to be in the "feelings" business and service becomes servitude. There are a few big paydays in our industry and this is the biggest. This makes for a very long day, and we hate to disappoint our crew and guests. I'd rather spend it with my wife!

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Chef Anthony Rivera
District American Kitchen & Wine Bar

Any chef worth his or her weight in salt will cringe when the thought of Mother's Day creeps up on the calendar. Mother's Day can be a nightmare because everyone takes Mom out for brunch or dinner and holds higher expectations than usual since it's Mom's special day.

Takeshi Triniapoli
Corporate Sushi Chef, Kona Grill

New Year's Day, because most employees over-celebrate the night before, causing downgraded performance, punctuality, or both. Nobody likes working with, or managing, a hungover employee.

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Farah Khalid
Chef and Owner, Curry Corner

My least favorite holiday to work on is Eid, as it is an important holiday and a good time to spend with family and friends. However, its also one of our busiest days of the year! It is one of the days you get to see everybody, as all of the customers that day come for an authentic flavor.

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