Biltmore Union Farmers Market: What We Skipped and What We're Still Lusting Over

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Heather Hoch
The Spot: Biltmore Union Farmers Market, Open the second and fourth Sundays of the month

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What We Skipped:
Maybe it's because it was a blustery day, but when we showed up to the Biltmore Union Farmers Market on Sunday, we didn't really see much of a farmers market. There were about 10 to 15 diehard vendors with jars of hand-preserved goodies, local honey, gourmet sweets, and one lone produce seller.

This wouldn't be so surprising if it weren't for the fact that the BUFM is advertised as a "foodie" farmers market, but we do understand, as the market is only a few months old. We almost put the whole market in the "skip" pile, but despite the small showing, we found one gem we can't believe we didn't know about before.

Location Info

UNION at Biltmore Fashion Park

2502 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Jill McNamara
Jill McNamara

Shoot! Millie's Caramels wasn't there that day!! You should give it another go on a nicer day. It looks so much better with the tents up :)

Kenneth Taylor
Kenneth Taylor

The small market in Gilbert has a solid following... I go every week for produce now. Ill never buy out of the grocery store (if i can help it).

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