Wrigley Mansion Club: Happy Hour Report Card

Wrigley Mansion --hot dog.jpg
Chicago-style hot dog
The Wrigleys were Chicago people, so offering a Chicago-style, Wagyu-beef hot dog on a poppyseed bun is a clever touch. Because it's being shared, the kitchen has cut it in four portions, arranging condiments and add-ons such as mustard, relish and onion on a long, separated serving tray. There's no denying this is a juicy, flavorful dog. I'd eat it again -- by myself next time, so I could pile on the goodies with abandon ($6 at happy hour).

Wrigley Mansion -- burger.jpg
Cheese-stuffed Angus burger with fries
I've had a handful of great happy hour burgers in recent months and Wrigley's version isn't really a contender. Nevertheless, I like finding gooey melted cheese in the middle of this Angus burger, served with butter lettuce and what is purported to be an heirloom tomato ($5.50 at happy hour). Accompanying fries aren't house-made but at least they're crispy.

The Drink: During happy hour, domestic beer is priced at $3, well drinks at $5 and select wines (meaning a Wrigley-labeled Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon) at $5. Nothing particularly exciting here.

The Conclusion: Of course, the mansion is wonderful, but the food and drink at happy hour? Eh. You can make do with a decent burger, hot dog or wings and drink in the view -- which is still the very best reason to visit this place.

Grade: C

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Wrigley Mansion Club

2501 E. Telawa Tr., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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