6 Sexy Foods Nikki Buchanan Wants to Eat on Any Day But Valentine's Day

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Searsucker --tomahawk 2.jpg
Searsucker's Tomahawk with Cognac, horseradish and onion strings

To the unabashedly carnivorous, nothing beats a fantastic hunk of red meat any day of the year. And guess what? Chris Gross specializes in this too -- not only a smoked, truffle-infused filet mignon ($38) but a gorgeous 32-ounce Côte de Boeuf, anointed in olive oil and rubbed with herbs, its exterior given a char in the wood-burning oven ($64). The menu describes it as "prime rib" to make it more accessible to the French-phobic, but this juicy, generous slab for two is actually an ultra-thick, bone-in rib steak (or rib eye), more commonly known these days as a "tomahawk" because of its shape. Searsucker turns out a drool-worthy version, finished with Cognac and horseradish ($75), while BLT Steak uses American Wagyu for its fatty, wonderful rib eyes, offered in two sizes: eight ounces, $60, 12 ounces, $92.


If I wanted to end the night on a light, elegant note, I'd go with a classic soufflé at Vincent on Camelback ($8.50). Served in four flavors -- Grand Marnier, Tequila Gold, Lemon Crepe and Raspberry -- it arrives at the table, puffed, golden and powdered sugar-sprinkled. The server splits it with a knife, pouring crème Anglaise from a small pitcher into its middle, making the ritual almost as delicious as the dessert itself.

Then again, Valentine's Day and chocolate are pretty much synonymous -- which means I might want a chocolate molten lava cake at Roy's. Yes, I know they're a cliché now, but who cares? Are we out to impress each other with our trendiness or just eat something rich and chocolate-y with a high ooze-factor? For me, this is it -- a simple, rich finish to a grand moveable feast.

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Vincent on Camelback

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