The Impossible and Dinner at My Mom's Thai Kitchen

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Heather Hoch
Our massaman curry was full of huge chunks of tasty roasted duck.
My Mom's Thai Kitchen
Culinarily speaking, Phoenicians have lots of options to taste Thailand, without splurging to go there. While we have our favorites, it's always nice to try a new one and My Mom's opened right downtown only a few months ago.

We started with some crunchy fried spring rolls and po tak soup with veggies. The fried spring rolls were pretty standard, though they had corn in them, which we haven't seen before. The po tak was super tasty, with sour, spicy broth that was so flavorful we wished it could be used everywhere. Oddly, we found a piece of chicken in our supposedly all veggie soup--bad news for vegetarians and an unexpected surprise for anyone else.

Heather Hoch
For our main course, we opted for massaman curry with duck. This classic Thai meets Persia curry features potatoes, carrots and peanuts. The super nutty and slightly sweetly spiced dish complimented the beautifully roasted duck in the curry. The delightfully gamey foul is easily the number one reason to stop by My Mom's, though we weren't that swept away (...sorry) by anything else we ordered.

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My Mom's Thai Kitchen

20 W. Adams St., Phoenix, AZ

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