Phoenix Cold Snap Is Over, But What Are the Repercussions for Local Farmers and the Restaurants Who Buy From Them?

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Courtesy of Maya Dailey
A pretty basket of Maya's flowers and produce
Jordan's biggest headache was protecting the chickens (called "meat birds") he processes and sells to local restaurants. Worried they couldn't survive without some extra heat, he invested nearly $500 this past week in heaters, propane and broken valves. He also lost around 50 birds, which represents one week's delivery to FnB. As all the farmers pointed out, there are dozens of hidden costs in a freeze such as the one we just had.

What will it mean for our local, farm-to-table restaurants? A lot less produce and possibly higher prices on what's left. McClendon says "Yuma missed the bullet, but Central and Southern California got hammered, just like we did. Everyone will feel it."

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Natalie Gossen
Natalie Gossen

^ I like his ability to turn a negative into a positive! Good luck with your spring garden!

Phillip Robertson
Phillip Robertson

I lost everything, just sad but my compost will be ready for a great spring garden!

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

When did "cold spells" turn into cold "snaps". When I was growing up we had cold spells and once they were over they said "we've finally snapped this COLD SPELL."

Linda Evans
Linda Evans

I don't even want to talk about our ficus tree . . . and we DID cover it. [sigh]

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