Phoenix Cold Snap Is Over, But What Are the Repercussions for Local Farmers and the Restaurants Who Buy From Them?

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Courtesy of Maya Dailey
Maya Dailey of Maya's Farm
Like McClendon, Maya Dailey of Maya's Farm lost her radishes, and although she can see that her kale and chard are showing leaf damage, she won't know the extent of it for another week.

She says, "We know we'll have to rip out and replant the golden beets," but she's concerned about Phoenix's fluctuating temperatures. When it goes up to 70 degrees, then drops back down to freezing and swings back up again, Mother Nature sends mixed signals to the plants (grow, don't grow, grow), which leads to premature flowering and stunted growth.

McClendon echoes her concerns. "We started re-planting yesterday," he says, "and we hope to get back in the ring, but seeds take 90 days to germinate and soon after, we're into 100-degree temperatures."

But Dailey sees a silver lining in the freeze, pointing out that it knocked the bug population back and down. "Mother Nature kicked us in the butt financially but protected us another way," she says.

Dave Jordan (aka Dave the Eggman) of Two Wash Ranch has had his fair share of problems with the freezing temperatures as well. Although his kale, chard, garlic and turnips survived, he lost several thousand dollars in glacier lettuce, the frosty-looking succulent that was such a hit at the St. Francis booth at Devoured last year.

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Natalie Gossen
Natalie Gossen

^ I like his ability to turn a negative into a positive! Good luck with your spring garden!

Phillip Robertson
Phillip Robertson

I lost everything, just sad but my compost will be ready for a great spring garden!

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

When did "cold spells" turn into cold "snaps". When I was growing up we had cold spells and once they were over they said "we've finally snapped this COLD SPELL."

Linda Evans
Linda Evans

I don't even want to talk about our ficus tree . . . and we DID cover it. [sigh]

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