(Nearly) Four Minutes In Chinese Food Porn Heaven

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Screen Cap: Perennial Plate/Vimeo

The news often reports on how scary or hazardous eating in China seems to be. Adulterated milk sickens babies, rival restaurants poison the eggplant, that sort of thing. In light of all of that people may ask why anyone even bothers going to China for the expressed purpose of eating. Well here's a three minute 49 second visual rebuttal that should leave your jaw slack and filled with saliva.

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The Perennial Plate is a blog about adventures in sustainable eating. One of their most recent trips took them to China where they ended up shooting 1.5 terabytes of video, mostly recording the truly staggering array of foods they consumed. They culled that video down to slightly under four minutes, added a pulsing hip-hop soundtrack and published the resulting, "Food and travel sensory overload," as "The Traveler's Republic of Tofu."

The Traveler's Republic of Tofu from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

Perhaps the most shocking part of this whole video is not that they were able eat such a kaleidoscope of foods, but that they were able to eat all of that in just two weeks.

Also you're not mistaken, they are at one point eating bees or rather the giant larvae of a giant wasp. They're apparently very tasty with some people claiming they might be the next caviar. That remains to be seen since, outside of some very adventurous eaters, the Western world tends to reject the prospect of eating non-ocean going arthropods.

If bug consumption is a little out of your wheelhouse than let us recommend one of their other videos. "For Udon and Country" is a fascinating look at udon noodle production in Japan and how the noodles is woven into Japanese society.

For Udon and Country from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

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