MF Tasty Back In Action on Jan. 27: Here to Rid You of the Munchies

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Jonathan McNamara
Mexican Coca Cola BBQ pulled pork sandwich with avocado and hand-cut sweet potato chips from the MF Tasty event at Welcome Diner in 2010
It's been all quiet on the MF front for over a year now, and no, that's not a gratuitous use of "MF" just because we can. For those who haven't heard, MF Tasty, a secret supper club, started back in 2010 by hosting exclusive events with ever-changing menus and locations. In fact, the only thing Chef Eric Gitenstein promises is that the food is "always motherf#@&ing tasty."

After a long hiatus, he's back. And he's thought up a menu featuring upscale takes on some of America's favorite snacks, as in the food you reach for when you've got a serious case of the munchies.

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The event will be held on Sunday, January 27 and will feature a menu that plays off of classic munchie-quenching foods such as nachos, wings and -- because, of course -- a Twinkie. Titled, "The Munchies Menu," the stoner's-dream-come-true dinner elevates simple dishes with the infusion of such things as coffee rubbed duck and glazed quail.

Check out the full menu below:

Nacho cheese Dorito crusted Chicken, cool ranch-ranch

Coffee rubbed duck, pickled jalapeno & radish, cheese fondue, cotija, cilantro, tortilla

Frank's glazed quail, cucumber salad, blue cheese sauce

Tiramisu, home made twinkies

As for location, only those who reserve a seat will get to know the secret spot and seating is limited. Gitenstein asks for a $45 donation per person, with tax and gratuity not included. It will also be a BYOB affair.

For more information or to reserve a seat visit the MF Tasty website.

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