Can Mesa's Monsterland Rise from the Dead? For $300,000, Employees Say, It Can.

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The news that Monsterland, the horror-themed restaurant, nightclub, and haunted house in downtown Mesa, was closing this Saturday, January 19, shocked many of its fans. But it seems no one was more saddened by the announcement than the employees.

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They want Monsterland back. And to raise it from the dead, they're asking for your help in coming up with $300,000 in the next 45 days.

And if they don't make their goal, they've got another idea.

On the international crowdfunding site Indiegogo, the employees' Help save Monsterland! page asks for contributions to reach a goal of $300,000 in 45 days. The money, the page states, will allow for the purchase of Monsterland from its original owner as well as to "fund the fun and exciting events we have planned, as well as improvements to the business itself."

As on many crowdfunding sites, there are perks associated with the amount of dollars a person contributes. On Help save Monsterland!, $30 gets you 15 percent off your meal and a buy-one-get-one-free drink coupon, and a $250 contribution gets you half-off in the VIP room and your picture on a plaque on the wall of monsters.

Although some of the claims about Monsterland on the Indigogo page seem a bit far-fetched (spoiler alert: Monsterland does not have "the best food in the state"), the employees are passionate that the saving of Monsterland is not only important as a "unique hotspot," but also as a way to help the economy in downtown Mesa.

And what happens if the $300,000 goal isn't reached? The employees say they'll use what funds they receive to open a new hot spot similar to Monsterland.

At the time of this post, $120 has been contributed so far. For more details, go to the Help save Monsterland! Indigogo page.

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WORST PLACE EVER!!!! Showed up just after 6:00 pm, and did not get a table until almost 7:30 pm, after being advised a 45 minute wait. We were sat inside, in the dining room; but it smelled as if they had sat us outside in the middle of everyone smoking. I told a waitress that this was against the law and to close the door or move us, as there were 2 children under 10 also at the table. We were offered a table right next to the one we had, but the entire place stunk of cigarettes! It took almost 15 minutes for 3 sodas and 2 waters. We sat there for another 30 minutes after ordering, and saw food just sitting at an empty table. A family of four asked what was the deal with the food, and a waitress then asked if they wanted the food as the people had left. Apparently, there is a serious reason this place is closing. Not only do they not care about the fact that you can taste an ashtray while sitting waiting for your meal, but you also are expected to wait for up to an hour in the stench before you are served, as well. Now, I have managed to get the children fed, but not at this horrible establishment! Whoever the owner is, lord help their patrons at any future establishment; because you will need a blessing from God to survive such a poorly run and maintained "restaurant."


The bearded doorman rocking death-metal shirts gets it.  If this place reopens, I hope he starts running the show.


Monsterland is a conundrum- The decor and food is crazy great, but then they shoot themselves in the foot by aspiring to feel like a Scottsdale nightclub. Last time I was there, there was a DJ spinning Top 40 hits and announcing drink specials for hours. Get a clue, Monsterland- Mesa has the highest Comic Shop/Game Store to Person ratio in the valley, and you are just a few blocks from where regular Goth nights were for years- THOSE are your people. Don't be Scottsdale. Be Monsterland.


For $300,000 you can build an entire new restaurant and bar with a good concept instead of some crazy place that is nothing but a freak show.

Bruce Griffin III
Bruce Griffin III

That has to be the worst use of 300K EVER.......Although I'm sure the old owner is cheering them on.......

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