Mama and Dinner at iPic in North Scottsdale

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Heather Hoch
Our filet sliders and truffle fries were a little too ambitious for iPic.
What's the best part about iPic? You can get a full meal in a comfy lay-z-boy style chair while watching your feature presentation. What's the worst part about iPic? Unfortunately, pretty much everything else.

Normally we aren't too concerned with pricing on our weekly dinner and movie dates, but we aren't too happy to be ripped off. $18.50 for a regular movie ticket is bad enough, but it's justified for a "premium" theatre-going experience. $27 for a ticket including a reclinable chair, popcorn, a pillow and blanket and chairside food service is a little less justifiable.

Heather Hoch
But $11 for the most flavorless, frozen mozzarella sticks is just bonkers. Not to mention some mediocre truffle fries for $9 and $18 filet slider trio featuring blue cheese and caramelized onions that fell short of its price tag. It's not that the food was awful, per se, just far too run-of-the-mill to justify its high-end pricing. Although we'd probably still be a little spurned if we got it all for half-off.

It wasn't all bad. The futuristic self-service wine-o-matic dispensers were pretty cool and the chairs really were comfortable. We just would prefer a great meal and an average theatre experience for the price we paid and not vice versa.

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iPic Theaters

15257 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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