Mama and Dinner at iPic in North Scottsdale

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While a jumbo tub of hot buttered popcorn is one of our most frequently indulged guilty pleasures, we think a good movie deserves a little better company than junk food. Try out our movie and meal pairings for yourself or feel free to suggest one of your own favorites in the comments.

Heather Hoch
Horror film + wine dispenser? How can we lose?

The Movie: Mama
The Meal: iPic

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This week we decided to have our dinner at the theatre, completely circumventing the to popcorn or not to popcorn conundrum. We took our meal with Mama, a new ghostly horror flick presented, not directed, by Guillermo del Toro.

Not the mama! Not the mama!
In the true spirit of GdT, Mama was a scary, tense, disturbing, sad and oddly sweet take on the supernatural thriller. Even Mama, the spirit of a crazy suicidal 1800's mother who plummeted off a cliff with her baby only to wander the surrounding forest until she found two new babies to care for, was almost heartwarmingly pitiful, between moments of mother bear-like moaning and sucking the souls out of people's necks.

Best of all, the performance by the little actresses who portrayed the two young sisters who were abandoned in a cabin in the forest only to be cared for by Mama (and a seemingly never-ending supply of cherries regardless of the season) was absolutely perfect--when they were scared, you were scared and the youngest girl (Isabelle Nélisse) really shone as a wild child obsessed with her ghostly protector. Unfortunately, iPic's menu was less nurturing than that ghost.

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