Kai Chef Josh Johnson Dishes on Guy Fieri and Why He Likes to Eat at MIM

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Chef de Cuisine Josh Johnson
This is part two of my interview with Joshua Johnson, chef de cuisine at Kai at Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa. If you missed part one, read it here.

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You grew up with six brothers, and all of you were outdoorsy hunting types. Do your brothers think you're prissy now?: Probably. I have one brother that's a banker, so he can't say too much to me. But yeah, I'm the city boy.

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Saffron poached Spanish turbot with clams adobo, asparagus, caramelized shallot, Adirondack potatoes, finger lime caviar and sauce diavolo
Favorite cookbook and why: Culinary Artistry. I find it really helpful for making menus because it lists many ingredients in one book. There are so many great ingredients in the world. Sometimes, if I haven't used a particular item in a while, and it's nice to be reminded of it. I also enjoy Eleven Madison Park.

Name an ingredient you love to cook with and explain why: Vinegars. We make many of our own in-house flavored Vinegars. They are really the backbone of flavor enhancement on some of our dishes.

Trend you like: I like a straightforward approach to food. I believe in letting the ingredients speak for themselves.

Dish/trend or catch phrase you wish would go away and why: Guy Fieri and other dismal cooking shows. It hurts the true industry and glamorizes the reality of a chef's life.

Your favorite cuisine and why: It's too difficult to name just one. It's like picking a favorite child: impossible. I enjoy classic French preparations, but honestly, I enjoy any cuisine as long as it has fresh ingredients.

Name one of your favorite places to dine in Phoenix and briefly explain why: While I am not able to get up there very often, I truly love the Café at MIM. I love the fresh and local product that Chef Edward Farrow and Chef Lenza use. You can get arguably the best produce in town and it is done the right way. They are rock stars at showcasing so many local products and ingredients.

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