10 Instagram Tips for the Food Lover

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5. DSLR is cheating

dlsr instagram.jpg
Posting photos taken with your fancy camera is like writing multiple drafts of a Facebook status, running it by an editor and then designing your own code to have it show up in a special font and color. In short: you're trying too hard. It's not cool. Do less.

4. No Internet photos
If I wanted to see the first result from a Google image search for spaghetti (because today is International Spaghetti Day or because it's your favorite food or because whatever reason you though you needed a photo of spaghetti when no spaghetti is readily available to photograph), I would Google it.

3. Embrace the collage app

picstitch instagram.jpg
You're sitting down for a six-course meal at a five star restaurant or your having a giant family style meal with more dishes than you can count on both hands. Great! But, please, rather than post a dozen separate photos that clog up everyone's feeds, use one of the many free apps that create collages. It's a classic win-win situation. Sacrifice none of your food porn and avoid looking like a total attention whore.

2. Mix it up!
We love taking photos of food. We love looking at photos of food. But every once in a while even the biggest food nerds should consider looking up from our cookbooks and plates and ovens to admire the scenery and maybe even post a photo that's not at all related to food. If that's too crazy an idea to stand, how about sharing your latest kitchen gadget find or the view from your favorite seat at the local coffee shop? Providing it's a pretty view of course, or else, just...nevermind.

1. Thou shalt always caption thy photos
Seriously, this is the golden rule. Because the easiest way to irritate your foodie followers is by posting a shot of some gorgeous chow with no indication of where such deliciousness can be obtained. It can and does drive us crazy as we stare at our phone screens, swallowed by a tidal wave of envy and hunger. The only thing worse in the world: Not responding when we comment asking, "Where?!"

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What a load of pretentious bollox.

I'd much rather people stopped posting stupid blurry Instagrams of their food and just sit down and enjoy the meal for what it is and perhaps talk to the person opposite them.

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