10 Instagram Tips for the Food Lover

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Hard core food nerds know that Instagram isn't actually about photography or being social. It's all about the food. We're snapping away every time we sit down to eat and can't stop salivating over each other's meals.

But as with all social media, it's time to pause and put down some ground rules. For the sake of all food photography loving Instagram-ers, check out (and make a reasonable effort to abide by) these ten guidelines for good food 'gramming.

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10. Always shoot first
Nine times out of ten, if you've taken your first bite of that sexy plate of food then the chance to post a photo said food on Instagram or any other social media is gone. Sure, you could reposition the plate and try to hide the evidence of your ravenous appetite, but if you were that hungry then forget it and just enjoy the meal.

9. No fast food -- ever

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Why? Because no one gets excited about digging into a $5 carton of chicken nuggets. And if your food makes you sad then it's probably going to make us even sadder -- and spreading sadness through the social media world is only going to bring you bad karma.

8. No Starbucks

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Don't get us wrong, we go to Starbucks sometimes - everyone does. Which is exactly the problem. Nothing about your Starbucks cup is any different from our Starbucks cup except for the name the barista scribbled on it. Sorry, but we don't really care if your friendly neighborhood barista added a smiley face on it this time.

7. Bad lighting, bad post

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There's nothing quite as frustrating as having a gorgeous, oh-my-god-everyone-is-going-to-be-so-jealous meal that you can't get a good photo of because of crappy restaurant lighting. Unless you've got mad photo skills, using a flash isn't going to make the plate look any better and the distracting lights are only going to irritate everyone around you. Just skip it and revel in your own food awesomeness. Besides, that's why God invented Twitter.

6. Too many hashtags #make #everyone #hate #you
Ok, so you posted a picture of your picks from the local farmers market...and then you hashtagged every single item in that eco-friendly reusable bag. Your laundry list of meaningless tags (i.e. #tomato, #zucchini, #farmer, #market, #farmersmarket, #Saturday, #bag, #vegetables...get the idea?) aren't serving a real purpose. Anyone searching for "#zucchini" probably wants an actual picture of zucchini. Why do you want random strangers to know what you bought at the market anyway?

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What a load of pretentious bollox.

I'd much rather people stopped posting stupid blurry Instagrams of their food and just sit down and enjoy the meal for what it is and perhaps talk to the person opposite them.

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