Piggly's at the Fair Opens in Mesa, Deep Fried Oreos -- and Just About Everything Else

As my friends and I surveyed the menu, we realized that strategic selection was necessary to get a sampling across the menu without putting a cardiologist on speed dial. While we surveyed the offerings, one of the extra-friendly staff came over with a complimentary basket of house-made potato chips. Nice touch, and excellent chips. I'm surprised they don't offer refills as a menu item.

One friend was in the mood for meat, so she went with the pulled pork sandwich. For a place that splits its attention between the barbecue and the fryer, it was quite decent. Goodness knows I've had worse at nicer places. The sauce seemed a bit on the generic side, but the pork was succulent enough that it didn't need sauce. Toasting the bun was a nice touch. It's almost like they read my mind, or at least the recent Battle of the Scottsdale Green Chile Cheeseburgers. My other friend ordered the deep-fried oysters. I tried to snatch one while he wasn't looking, but they disappeared in the blink of an eye. We'll chalk that dish up in the win column.

Pigglys Veggies.JPG
JK Grence
I was quite satisfied with my onion rings and fried zucchini. Both were obviously prepared in-house, with thick planks of zucchini and massive golden halos of onion. The batter was a little on the greasy side, but... this is fair food, you expected it any other way? The one
let-down on the table was my corn dog. One day, I shall have my corn dog fix without waiting for the fair or driving to Disneyland. This wasn't that day. I was really hoping to see one of those jumbo hand-dipped ones like you see at every fair stand. The ones they had were soulless, probably one of those pre-fab frozen ones with the blasé turkey dog inside.

While we were eating, all of us were duly impressed by the enthusiasm of the staff. I love seeing a crew that seems to genuinely enjoy their jobs, and these folks couldn't have been much nicer.

After we polished off most of dinner, we were ready to crawl out to the car and lapse into a massive food coma. Then, someone mentioned the deep-fried Oreos for dessert. After a little arm-twisting, I gave in. I'm glad I did. It turns out, they do the deep-fried Oreos à la mode. Cold, soft ice cream with hot, crisp fried Oreos are a heavenly match. They also have an array of candy bars available for your deep-frying pleasure. Or, according to the young chap working the dessert stand, you're welcome to bring in your own (sealed) candy bar and they'll deep-fry the sucker for all of 99 cents. Nice deal.

All told, I felt like the prices at Piggly's were a little bit on the high side. But, if you place a premium on well-trained service staff (if you don't, tsk tsk!), it's well worth a couple of extra bucks. And a hell of a lot of extra calories.

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Seems like it might be fun to try out, but the prices on their online menu do look to be on the high end.

Katie Ellis
Katie Ellis

It's been open for awhile. Overpriced fair food, it's a one time novelty, as a restaurant it won't last long. They probably lease the building just to have a place to store their ugly trailers the rest of the year.

Marty Freetage
Marty Freetage

If it's on Main St., it'll be out of business in a year.


@abouttotakeflight It is a little overpriced, but absolutely everyone there was just so darn nice that it softened the sting to the wallet pretty well.

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