Piggly's at the Fair Opens in Mesa, Deep Fried Oreos -- and Just About Everything Else

Pigglys Oreos.JPG
JK Grence
Yes folks, it's a deep-fried Oreo sundae.
When a new spot opens in town, we can't wait to check it out -- and let you know our initial impressions, share a few photos, and dish about some menu items. First Taste, as the name implies, is not a full-blown review, but instead a peek inside restaurants that have just opened, sampling a few items, and satisfying curiosities (yours and ours).

Restaurant: Piggly's At The Fair
Location: 1633 S Stapley Dr, at the US 60 (Superstition Freeway)
Open: About a month.
Guilty Pleasure: You're soaking in it.
Price: $10-17 per person
What It Really Costs: Your New Year's resolution.

I'm a sucker for a good carnival. The bright lights, impossible games, dizzying rides, and (of course) deep-fried food on a stick all make for one hell of a good time. The problem is, traveling fairs aren't that common anymore. You pretty much have to wait for the Maricopa County Fair or the Arizona State Fair to get your fix. At least, that's how it was until recently.

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Pigglys BBQ Sandwich.JPG
JK Grence
If you've been to the Arizona State Fair, odds are good that you noticed the Piggly's concession stand. It's pretty hard to miss with its bright primary color checkerboard motif. Late last year, the folks who run it opened their first brick-and-mortar location in a Mesa strip mall. At last, my fat kid dreams of getting a state fair corn dog fix any time I want looked like they were coming true.

The moment I heard about the place, I raced over as fast as I could. At first, I was wondering where in the massive strip mall I would find the place. Then, I saw the awnings so brightly colored you can probably see them from the International Space Station. As I approached the building, I was greatly amused by some of the seats outside, such as repurposed Ferris wheel and Scrambler cars. Once inside, the theme continued with carnival games scattered about, and a bar with a couple of Tilt-a-Whirl seats.

Pigglys Chips.JPG
JK Grence
Arguably Piggly's sleeper hit: complimentary potato chips.
The menu read like a Greatest Hits of carny food. Giant baskets of fries, onion rings, and fried zucchini? Check. Deep-fried frog legs and alligator? Check. Smoked turkey legs? Check. Deep-fried Oreos, (generic) Twinkies, and funnel cakes? Check, check, and check. Corn dogs? You know that's a check. There's a salad available, but who the hell would get a salad here?

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Seems like it might be fun to try out, but the prices on their online menu do look to be on the high end.

Katie Ellis
Katie Ellis

It's been open for awhile. Overpriced fair food, it's a one time novelty, as a restaurant it won't last long. They probably lease the building just to have a place to store their ugly trailers the rest of the year.

Marty Freetage
Marty Freetage

If it's on Main St., it'll be out of business in a year.


@abouttotakeflight It is a little overpriced, but absolutely everyone there was just so darn nice that it softened the sting to the wallet pretty well.

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