Greg LaPrad Dishes on the Ghost at Quiessence and Gives a Hilarious Answer to the Last Meal on Earth Question

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LaPrad picking grapefruit in Q's front yard
What do you enjoy most about working in fine dining?: The challenge. You're delivering an experience every night to people celebrating life's milestones. The pressure is high, and you have to bring it every night in order to be successful.

Does changing the menu so frequently have its downside? If so, what?: Honestly, no, not at this restaurant. Quiessence is a place that embodies an idea, an idea that a small restaurant on a farm could serve hyper-seasonal, mostly local product to our guests. A menu that changes fulfills the promise to the mission we're charged with.

Rustic or elegant or both? How would you describe your cooking style?: How about ever evolving but grounded in sound classical French technique and ardent food philosophical belief?

How important are your relationships with local farmers/ranchers/food artisans?: Incredibly important. They're making us look good. We're forever grateful for the relationships we've forged.

The setting at the farm is beautiful, but do you ever feel at a disadvantage, not being in a dining hub like Old Town or Central/Camelback?:
Yes, at times. You have to take the good with the bad though. The setting here is part of the experience. You can't duplicate that authentically on Camelback or in Old Town. We have some great customers who love dining with us on the farm. We treasure their support tremendously.

Have diners changed since you began your career?: Sure. An increasing number of people have new dietary ideals. We now have guests nightly who don't want to or can't eat gluten, or dairy, or fish, or animal products. It's our job to accommodate everyone.

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Quiessence Restaurant & Wine Bar

6106 S. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ

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Morning Glory Cafe

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Nikki Buchanan
Nikki Buchanan

Thanks so much, Rhonni! You made my day! Yep, Greg is awesome. I thought his answers revealed a lot about him. What an intelligent, thoughtful person he is! One of my favorite interviews so far!

Rhonni Boss Moffitt
Rhonni Boss Moffitt

Nikki - you really have a gift. Chef Greg is one of my favorite Arizona chefs and I learned so much more about him from this article. And, it only made me respect and revere him even more!

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