Greg LaPrad Dishes on the Ghost at Quiessence and Gives a Hilarious Answer to the Last Meal on Earth Question

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Wine glasses and barrel-aged cocktails near Q's entrance
Name a national/international chef you greatly admire and explain why: Charlie Trotter. He mastered, as well as anyone could, exceptional food, service, ambiance and wine. That's extremely difficult to do. Books such as Lessons in Service and Lessons in Excellence that give a glimpse into this man's wisdom are well worth reading. Most unbelievable and also admirable was his ability to walk away from it all this past year to study philosophy and travel with his wife.

Favorite thing to eat growing up: Veal Parmesan at Rom's. The restaurant was there for over 50 years and made an incredibly good tomato sauce that they also sold to go. Trying to reverse engineer that sauce was an early reason I got into cooking.

Favorite thing to eat now: Summer tomatoes, burrata cheese, wood-fired pizza, fresh shellfish, perfectly roasted beef, crispy skinned duck, roasted peppers, pasta and noodles, sautéed mushrooms, buttery whipped potatoes, spring ramps, ceci beans and blue cheese.

What's your guilty pleasure?: Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and driving a truck with a V-8 engine (sorry Sam Pillsbury, I'll make it up to the earth, I promise).

Has your cooking or your philosophy about cooking evolved since you've been at Quiessence? Explain: Yes, of course. I was a young chef when I started here with a lot to learn. Chef Tony Andiario and I have worked together here at Quiessence from 2006 and have had countless discussions on food philosophy and the right direction for the cuisine of Quiessence. We've made mistakes and also had many successes; it has been quite the journey.

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Quiessence Restaurant & Wine Bar

6106 S. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ

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Morning Glory Cafe

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Nikki Buchanan
Nikki Buchanan

Thanks so much, Rhonni! You made my day! Yep, Greg is awesome. I thought his answers revealed a lot about him. What an intelligent, thoughtful person he is! One of my favorite interviews so far!

Rhonni Boss Moffitt
Rhonni Boss Moffitt

Nikki - you really have a gift. Chef Greg is one of my favorite Arizona chefs and I learned so much more about him from this article. And, it only made me respect and revere him even more!

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