12 National Food Trends We'll See in Phoenix in 2013

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3. Small Plates, Bundling and Prix-Fixe
Prix-fixe multi-course tasting menus are still cool for a big splurge. You'll never hear me complaining about ANYTHING Nobuo Fukuda (Nobuo at Teeter House) or Shinji Kurita (Shinbay) care to do in that vein. But small plates -- introduced ages ago -- are back in a big way. Why? Because many of us are on a budget and possibly on a diet too, but we'd still like to taste as many things as possible to learn as much as possible about the restaurants we visit. Shared small plates are the answer. Check out the menu at The House and see how easy it is to create a meal without ever ordering an entree. But we'll also see more complete dinners priced for two or four: bundling.

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4. Mezcal and Brandy Mezcal, tequila's rustic relative, has been sitting on the sidelines for years now -- maybe because of the worm in the bottle, or maybe because it's only recently been elevated from scary rot gut to small-batch, artisanal status. I remember a wonderful mezcal dinner at Tarbell's five years ago and plenty of fine cocktails (including a fantastic punch) made with mezcal when Jason Asher was running the show at Mabel's on Main. Now, the soothsayers say, this faintly floral, decidedly smoky spirit is destined for mainstream popularity. I'm totally on board. Prognosticators say brandy and cognac will be the year's hottest resurrections, but I think rye will continue to grow, as will old school liqueurs such as Benedictine, Lillet and Chartreuse.

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