Chow Bella's 5 Favorite Food and Drink Apps

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If you're looking for some help fulfilling those New Year's resolutions, and you're not too keen on attending meetings, then you might want to download Fooducate. This free app offers convenient ways to improve, track, and share your healthy eating habits through a variety of easy-to-use functions.

Scan the UPC codes of products at the grocery store and Fooducate will offer nutrition grades, hidden additives, healthier alternatives, and helpful reviews by other users. And if you really want to stay on track, the app can also be used to keep a personal record of your diet, caloric intake, and daily exercise habits. Let the new you begin.

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How to Cook Everything

And they really do mean, everything. This top-selling cooking app based on the award-winning book by Mark Bittman is ideal for both the novice chef and the uninspired cook. It costs $4.99 which isn't bad considering you get over 2,000 recipes with over 400 illustrated instructions; as well as built-in recipe timers, customized shopping lists, a cooking conversion calculator, and the ability to search for meals under any field from "pasta dishes" to "quick dinners." This app is great for anyone looking to save space on the bookshelf and time in the kitchen.

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Barb Walters Harris
Barb Walters Harris

Just listened to a Splendid Table podcast that did a rundown as well and mentioned Foodspotting.

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