Chow Bella's 5 Favorite Food and Drink Apps

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If you're like us, you have a smart phone...a smart phone that is being highly under-utilized, subjected to menial tasks when it could really be tackling complex algorithms or at the very least launching virtual birds out of a slingshot.

Which is why we at Chow Bella have decided to start using our mobile devices to their full potential- by downloading some very slick apps. Here are Chow Bella's Top 5 Food and Drink Apps.

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So you fancy yourself a wine connoisseur but truth be told make all of your purchases based on bottle aesthetic? No worries, can fix that. For only $1.99 you can access over a million and a half different bottles of wine with over 3 million reviews.

Compare prices, years, tasting windows, and ratings as you research wine terminology using the program's extensive forms of reference. As an added bonus, you can establish your sommelier status by sharing wine tasting activity, notes, and wish-lists among your various social networks. Familiarize yourself enough with this app, and your friends may soon be calling you Bacchus.

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Apple iTiunes
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Take your excitement for trying new places and combine it with your love of food porn, and you, dear friend, have just created Foodspotting.

Foodspotting is a free app that allows users to share photos and short reviews of their favorite dishes at nearby restaurants. With Foodspotting, you cans search for menu items based on your neighborhood, a type of food, or simply the favorite dishes of other people you follow on social media.

It's not a forum for bashing servers or sharing your conspiracy thoughts on corporate chains. It's simply a photo-friendly guide to only the best dishes at restaurants in your area. Think Instagram but with directions.

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Barb Walters Harris
Barb Walters Harris

Just listened to a Splendid Table podcast that did a rundown as well and mentioned Foodspotting.

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