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Heather Hoch
Smoked Porter and Cream Ale brewed in house at Fate Brewing Company.
The Spot: Fate Brewing Company , 7337 East Shea Boulevard #105 Scottsdale, 480-994-1275, fatebrewing.com.

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The Hours: Happy Hour is offered Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m.

Heather Hoch
The Interior: Fate Brewing Company, the newest addition to the Valley's craft brewing family, has a definite sleek, hip vibe in its décor. Unfortunately, the hipness doesn't make up for the fact that it still feels like drinking in a strip mall. The atmosphere is a bit too stiff and the wood chairs are too uncomfortable for a relaxing experience.

The Food: While Fate only offers one happy hour menu item, their pizza bread is good enough to satisfy our hunger. The crispy, cheesy bread with marinara dipping sauce and chili oil on the side is basic enough so that even picky eaters will be happy, but it's also well done and adult enough to make boozed up foodies smile. Plus for only $5, you can pretty much hog a whole order to yourself.

Heather Hoch
Pizza bread at Fate Brewing Company
The Drink: Fate does offer a discount on their glasses of wine during happy hour, but you'd have to be crazy to get a glass of wine when you can get a $3 pint of Fate brews. Plus Fate beer is currently only offered at this location, so it'd be silly to not try a few while you're there. We brought a friend and tasted them all. Our favorites were the cream ale and the rye ESB. Although the odd bubblegumy aftertaste of the Belgian saison and the intensity of the smoked porter were interesting too, they definitely weren't winners for us.

Heather Hoch
The Conclusion: While the ambiance is lacking at the newly opened Fate Brewing Company for a truly relaxing happy hour experience, we'll likely be back for new beers Fate releases on tap only at their bar. We also have to give props to that pizza bread because it really is yummy.

Grade: B-

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Fate Brewing Company

7337 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ

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I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head  - Very tasty beers and delicious pizza bread! And, you're right about the "strip mall" feel. Just because the place is in a strip mall, it doesn't have to feel like a strip mall once you're inside. I'll definitely go back for more though!


Fate Brewing is one of my new favorite places to eat and drink in Phoenix.  I stay in a hotel close to Fate Brewing just so I can walk home after having so many GREAT, LOCAL beers.  It is places like Fate that will help change the negative connotation of the infamous "strip-mall".

Cheers to Fate and its strip-mall home!

Steve McFate
Steve McFate

News Flash.... we ARE in fact located in a strip center!


Who cares if it is a strip mall. Lots of great beer places in this town are in strip malls. Four Peaks North, Papago, Deluxe, Whole Foods in Scottsdale and Chandler, Tops, etc are all in strip malls.  I think the writer has a Snottsdale attitude and is better off sticking with snotty places with stand alone buildings rather than great beer places.

Fate has a great ambiance despite what the writer said.


I would have to disagree with you.  I don't find the atmosphere stiff or uncomfortable at all, and I actually kind of forget that I'm in a strip mall when I'm there.  Also, the two beers that you found to be "not winners" are by far my favorite.  The smoked porter is amazing!


 Good feature on Fate. I have been going there since they opened, and have been impressed with the beers. The smoked porter is amazing... so much flavor. Oh, and the food. The food is great. I haven't had a pizza I didn't like and I really like the pizza bread. The sauce they give is worth ordering the pizza bread every time. 

I am not blown away by their happy hour. I am new to the Valley, and when we go out to eat, we try to find places that have a good happy hour. I think Fate should extend their hours and offer happy hour on the weekends. They are busy, but offering additional discounts is only going to ensure they stay that way. 

When you are there, if it is your first time, order a flight. They have made some recent changes to the flight, so now you can try all of the beers they have on tap. It is a great way to try them all and decide what you want to order. And get a cake pop. The cake pops are AMAZING! They have several flavors to choose from, too.

Big fan of Fate. It has a great location, and I am excited to see what new beers they come up with in the coming months. When you are there, make sure you introduce yourself to Steve. He is the owner of the place, and always has a smile on his face.

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