Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony in Phoenix: A Different Kind of After Dinner Drink

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Lauren Saria
A cup of Ethiopian coffee
This part of the process provides Ejersa ample time to chat with her many regular customers while everyone munches on bread and popcorn or finishes the last of their meal. In Ethiopia this is a crucial opportunity for community bonding, talking with neighbors and catching up with family. Ejersa explains that back in Ethiopia, one might set aside hours for the ceremony and would invite friends and family over to share the drinks.

"In America people talk over drinks," customer Kalkidan Kifleyesus explains. "[The ceremony is] like that. It's the community aspect of it."

When finished brewing, Ejersa brings each customer a tiny porcelain cup of the strong, bitter coffee. While most often enjoyed black, some require sugar to tone down the taste. The first pouring called abol will be the strongest, with the second and third, huletegna and bereka, becoming increasingly milder in flavor.

By the time you're ready to leave, you'll be feeling as comfortable as if you had been chatting with old friends and most likely, they'll be asking when you're coming back. The ceremony offers an insight into a different world and lifestyle where community building is engrained into shared, common cultural practices. It will change your view of "after dinner drinks" for life.

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Ethiopian Famous Restaurant & Coffee

4111 E. McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ

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