Dwayne Allen of Rum Bar Gives a Tasty Tutorial on Rum

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Courtesy of Rum Bar
Rum sometimes goes in punch at Rum Bar
Appleton Estate 12 -- citrus notes as well as hints of walnuts, cinnamon, bacon and butter. It's a great example of a fine Jamaican rum and should be drunk neat or with a drop of water to open it up.

Dos Maderas PX ( 5 + 5) -- Aged five years in the Caribbean, then sent to Spain to age five more years in sherry casks, this stuff is amazing. Rich flavors of caramel, honey, vanilla, raisins, figs and prunes. Ultra-smooth. LOVE this.

Homere Clement -- From Martinique, this small-batch rhum agricole is aged in Cognac barrels and exudes a Cognac-like quality. Nutty, buttery, oaky -- a little like whiskey-wine.

What I Did Not Try:

Appleton 50, a one-time, special-release rum commemorating Jamaica's 50th year of independence. In 1962, Appleton set aside a few choice barrels already in the aging process, releasing 800 bottles in 2012. Most went to spirit collectors (Prince William received one), so this may be the only commercially available bottle in the world. It's the one in the pretty black box. You can have a pour for $2500.

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