Dwayne Allen of Rum Bar Gives a Tasty Tutorial on Rum

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Golden, Amber -- Smooth, medium-bodied but with more complexity. Most have spent some time (maybe several years) aging in oak. Still good for mixing in cocktails and they add a layer of depth. Think Smith & Cross, Appleton VX and El Dorado 12 Year.

Dark -- Rich, full-bodied, caramel-dominated rums. These are sipping rums, offering up flavors of chocolate, coffee, tobacco and nuts. Think Zaya 12 year, Appleton Estate 12, Zacapa 15 or 23 Year.

Black -- Even darker, richer and more syrupy with a strong molasses flavor. This rum is used for baking and making candy. It's also a natural with lime and ginger beer (ever tried a Dark & Stormy?) Think Gosling's Black Seal or Cruzan Black Strap.

Spiced -- These may be white, golden or dark rums, infused with natural (or not-so-natural) spices, caramel or artificial fruit flavors. They tend to be sweeter. Allen isn't much on these, but if you must, think Cruzan 9 Spice or Sailor Jerry.

Overproof -- Use for floats on tropical cocktails (they flame because of the high alcohol content), overproof rums are usually 60% (or more) alcohol by volume, which is to say, 120 (or more) proof. Try Wray & Nephew. Better than Bacardi 151.

And here are a few rums I sampled:

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The Breadfruit

108 E. Pierce St., Phoenix, AZ

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The Rum Bar

108 E. Pierce St., Phoenix, AZ

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