Downtown Phoenix Public Market: What We Bought, What We Skipped, and What We're Still Lusting After

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Heather Hoch
Fresh burritos at the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market.
The Spot: Downtown Phoenix Farmer's Market, Saturday mornings until 1 p.m.

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Heather Hoch
What we got at our trip to the farmer's market.
What We Bought: With oodles of fresh produce to be had at the market and pretty much no convenient grocery store for downtowners, the Saturday farmer's market at DPPM is good at keeping hipsters fed organically and locally. But before you start loading up your reusable shopping bags, stop by the Mi Salsa's stand for a grilled breakfast burrito. Our favorite is the chorizo burrito ($5), complete with eggs, potatoes, cheese, beans and your choice of Mi Salsa salsa.

Since it's citrus season, we had to get some of the sweet and sour stuff. We grabbed two blood oranges from One Windmill Farms for $3.20. Finally, feeling adventurous, we got a rather large $2 goose egg from Hadley Farmship, who said they'd have quail eggs in the future too. Later on we turned that goose egg into a super easy and tasty soufflé.

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Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market

14 E. Pierce St., Phoenix, AZ

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