Who's the Most Unsung Hero in the Kitchen?

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Andrew Ashmore,
Corporate Culinary Chef, Culinary Dropout and The Arrogant Butcher

Prep cooks and dishwashers. So much hard work goes into the food even before we open. The prep cooks are always in the back producing the bulk of what goes out to the guest. Many times, they are gone before the guest even arrives. Without the dishwasher, we would have nothing to serve our food on. They are always there when you need them most in the middle of a busy rush.

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Christopher Gross, Chef and Owner,
Christopher's Restaurant & Crush Lounge

The dishwasher! They keep everything running smooth and pick up the slack. Everybody is crossed-trained in my kitchen.

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Chef Payton Curry,
Brat Haus

My sous chefs. I work these guys to the bone, man. They are in charge of everything in and everything out.

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Heather Bryan,
General Manager, Zuzu

Dishwashers. As much as you say "hello," get them a beverage, learn their name, say "thank you," and involve them, they are back in their own little world and tend to get forgotten.

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This is one of those surveys that helps me make a dining decision.

Anyone NOT picking the dishwasher seems a bit out of touch.

Been in the business 40+ years, its the dishwasher, hands down. Binkley says

it best, always cleaning up other peoples messes, usually cheerfully !

Bruce Griffin III
Bruce Griffin III

Nice answer from Gregg Troilo. You guys serve him up a nice meatball of a question right over the plate.......And he hits a myopic dribbler right back to the mound:(

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