Who's the Most Unsung Hero in the Kitchen?

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If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a top-notch kitchen staff to keep a restaurant humming. Depending on the size and type of restaurant, there are numerous roles to fill, but which one is the most thankless yet important one? I asked a few Valley chefs and restaurateurs and here's the position they would most cast their vote in favor of.

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Gregg Troilo
Owner, British Open Pub

The owner! The owner has everything to lose while the back of the house and the front of the house have no stake in the game. I doubt you'll find a chef, bartender, or waitperson willing to risk any part of their paycheck on performance of the organization. The typical restaurant employee puts in their time and goes home with nothing to worry about. Life is good. The owner, on the other hand, has everything riding on those same employees. Who said life was fair?

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Aaron May,
Chef and Restaurateur

Dishwashers. Their job kinda sucks, but most of them have a positive attitude and work hard. I always try and make mine cooks as soon as possible.

Scott Lindsey,
Owner/Tequilier for TQLA in Mesa

Line cook. At the end of day, they are the heart of the kitchen and the least recognized.

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Kevin Binkley,
Chef and Owner, Binkley's and Café Bink

Dishwasher, always. Cleaning up other people's messes, now that's a heroic job. I have known some really great people that were dishwashers. I've learned a lot from that position.

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This is one of those surveys that helps me make a dining decision.

Anyone NOT picking the dishwasher seems a bit out of touch.

Been in the business 40+ years, its the dishwasher, hands down. Binkley says

it best, always cleaning up other peoples messes, usually cheerfully !

Bruce Griffin III
Bruce Griffin III

Nice answer from Gregg Troilo. You guys serve him up a nice meatball of a question right over the plate.......And he hits a myopic dribbler right back to the mound:(

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