A Royal Affair and Dinner at Haus Murphy's in Glendale

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Heather Hoch
Can't get German food without getting some weiner schnitzel.
Haus Murphy's
Ready for our own love affair with a German, we stopped over at Haus Murphy's in Glendale. The ultra-kitsch Bavarian joint is known for authentic eats, but we were met at the door with some pretty cheesy service. All of the servers come in costume and their over zealous attention got a little obnoxious.

While the food at Haus Murphy's is a taste of Germany, it's an outdated taste. Although it makes satisfying comfort food, it's bland as bland can be. Surely Deutschland has more flavor than fat and potatoes. Even the sauerkraut and sauerbraten were lacking in their vinegary sour nature, and squirting lemon over our weiner schnitzel just wasn't enough. Not to mention almost every plate is about $15 to $20, making the price tag way higher than the culinary experience provided. Plus we've had more texturally pleasing spätzel at FnB and more flavorful potato pancakes at almost any Jewish deli.

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Heather Hoch
Overall, Haus Murphy's seems to be the kind of place you could take your great grandmother and youngest cousin; its lack of flavor is sure to satiate, but not intrigue, any palate. It's a pretty bad sign in my crowd when the desert doesn't even have enough flavor to keep our sweet teeth munching, but this time we left some of our strudel uneaten. What if we could make a restaurant with the authenticity of Haus Murphy's and the zest and spice of Struensee's lust? Surely it would end less tragically than both the movie and dinner did this week.

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I would tend to agree. T^he food there is pretty bland in my opinion.

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