A Royal Affair and Dinner at Haus Murphy's in Glendale

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Sex and sauerbraten in this week's dinner and a movie pairing.
While a jumbo tub of hot buttered popcorn is one of our most frequently indulged guilty pleasures, we think a good movie deserves a little better company than junk food. Try out our movie and meal pairings for yourself or feel free to suggest one of your own favorites in the comments.

The Movie: A Royal Affair at Filmbar
The Meal: Haus Murphy's

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A Royal Affair
Somehow Danish cinema has completely mastered the art of depressing an entire audience of moviegoers in a strangely satisfying way. We thought it might just be Lars von Trier who expertly saddened us in Breaking the Waves and Melancholia, but, though he served as an executive producer on A Royal Affair, director Nikolaj Arcel has proved his stuff this year earning accolades and a nomination for Best Foreign Language Film of 2012 in the next Golden Globes, along with making the short list for nominees for the same category in the Oscars.

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Caroline and Struensee gettin' forbidden.
The period piece, set in the late 1700s, following Caroline Mathilde of England's betrothal to Christian VII, king of Denmark, who just happens to be completely crazy, infantile and obsessed with hookers. Obviously, this doesn't make Caroline super happy, but she eventually finds solace in Christian's new and most trusted advisor, a revolutionary doctor named Johann Struensee. Together they influence Christian into reforming the country to benefit the poor folk, but it all bites them in the bum once Christian finds out of their royal affair.

This was actually a really great film. Despite the moody love triangle and powdered wig exterior, the meat of the movie dealt with the pivotal moments that turned Denmark into the socially enlightened country it is. If only we had a crazy king like Christian who could be influenced by a Struensee, maybe then we wouldn't still be paying off student loans.

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Haus Murphy's

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815 N. 2nd St., Phoenix, AZ

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I would tend to agree. T^he food there is pretty bland in my opinion.

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