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Wine is art at Page Spring Cellars

WSJ Wine's Premier Club (Wall Street Journal)

Apparently, those Wall Street types like wine. This wine club includes 12 bottles shipped quarterly. You can change the mix or timing of delivery and with this club, like others, you can cancel at any time and skip deliveries. The club features wines from around the world and with the holidays, there's a special happening at this time.

Your first case (delivery of 12 bottles) is just $69.99 and then after that, every 3 months, each case is $149.99 plus shipping and tax. This breaks down to roughly $13 per bottle, a similar price to Club W. This wine club also specializes in small production wines and seems to have a very diverse mix of wines, which is great if every now and then you'd like to try something new.

Overall grade: B
The value is there, the flexibility is there, but this is a relatively large monetary commitment and who knows how long it's going to take to drink all of that wine.

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