5 Cleanses to Detox the Holidays Away

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Master Cleanse
The master cleanse is probably the most commonly known one out there since its been around since the 1940s. Water, maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper is all this baby takes, so you can make it at home relatively inexpensively. In our experience, the master cleanse, in small doses, can be a good energizing substitute for coffee. On the other hand, we've had friends ingest this stuff (and only this stuff) for about a month and they seemed pretty haggard toward the end.

Organic Avenue
As if cleansing weren't healthy nutty enough, Organic Avenue makes sure in their branding that you know that they're committed to being the most organic and green juice cleanse on the market. With the option of bio bottles or glass bottles, and a $20 price difference between the two, even their packaging has to one up itself in green options. Nationally available options include their Love Beauty skin-centric cleanse and their Love Deep super cleanse in the 14 ounce bio bottles. Did we mention Organic Avenue is also totally vegan? They would be.

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